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Smart Mobility : Charging point operators (CPO)

How is Hâpy Services contributing to the successful deployment of the network of electric vehicle charging point (CPO) operators?

Opérateurs de Points de recharge solution CPO IoT

Smart Mobility : introduction

Opérateurs de Points de recharge CPO

Smart mobility refers to the data-centric, intelligent approach to managing urban travel. It is based on the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve the efficiency, sustainability and safety of urban transport systems, using real-time data and connected technologies.

A major opportunity to improve the quality of life in cities by reducing congestion, cutting pollution and enhancing road safety, smart mobility also paves the way for new, more sustainable and smarter forms of mobility for citizens.

To meet the challenges of smart mobility, IoT operators need to guarantee maximum service availability and infrastructure resilience, enabling efficient and secure data collection.

Find out how Hâpy Services is contributing to the successful deployment of the network of electric vehicle charging point (CPO) operators.

CPO requirements

Opérateurs de Points de recharge solution IoT

Since 2021, Hâpy Services has been supporting the leading French players in electric vehicle recharging solutions for residents, condominiums and real estate companies, with international deployment at stake (France, Spain, Europe, USA in particular).

The all-in-one solution

The benefits d'HâpyCO

An all-in-one Plug & Forget solution, fully outsourced and ready to use, enabling in-house teams to concentrate on their core business and ensure deployment and growth.

Our experts work with CPOs to understand their operational needs and offer professional services tailored to their specific requirements, supported by leading technology partners.

Tailor-made expert advice, enabling the successful and efficient migration of equipment deployed in the past, with a significant reduction in terminal deployment time.

Operational maintenance via an Open VPN infrastructure and a resilient, reliable and efficient connection, with a best-effort commitment offering the best service guarantee. Highly-qualified resources remain assigned to high-value tasks.

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HâpyCO is the all-inclusive, outsourced IoT connectivity service that enables professional IoT players to delegate the operational maintenance of their infrastructure, so they can concentrate on their core business: developing and deploying their services.

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