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Smart Education: Hybrid training

How does Hâpy Services support the deployment of the new era of digital training connecting educational boxes?

Smart Education : introduction

Introducing IoT into education has many potential benefits, but also brings significant challenges in terms of connectivity, security and accessibility. Taking these issues into account is essential to developing and implementing successful smart education solutions.

To set up smart education systems, it is essential to have a solid and reliable connectivity infrastructure, at controlled costs, enabling initial investments to be profitable and guaranteeing a service at an affordable cost for operators.

It is therefore essential to ensure that these systems offer the best cost-effectiveness, high resilience and high availability of IoT devices.

Pedagogical content for driving licence courses: discover the advantages of the HâpyCO service to guarantee the availability and security of connected boxes.

Smart Education requirements

As a provider of educational content for driving license training professionals, with an audio/video box that can be transported to school teaching sites, the educational content publisher wanted to ensure that its connected solution could be deployed efficiently and resiliently from the very first connections.

The all-in-one solution

The benefits of HâpyCO

Facilitating logistical and operational support, with pre-configuration according to requirements for a ready-to-connect solution

The ideal solution for assured deployment from the very first connections: HâpyCo is a subscription-based managed IoT service that allows you to focus on your core business accessible, reliable and secure.

Efficiency guaranteed from the very first minute of proof of concept, thanks to a high-performance, agnostic cellular infrastructure that connects you to the best available network

Peace of mind and reliability thanks to resilient connectivity and continuous, tailor-made advice

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Managed connections

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HâpyCO Managed services for your business

Plug and, Forget !

HâpyCO is the all-inclusive, outsourced IoT connectivity service that enables professional IoT players to delegate the operational maintenance of their infrastructure, so they can concentrate on their core business: developing and deploying their services.

Take control of your IoT infrastructure with HâpyCO

Tailored-made solution based on
your operational needs

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