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Smart City: lighting and waste management

How can Hâpy Services effectively support the integration of IoT solutions for smart city management of street lighting and waste?

Gestion intelligente de l'éclairage pour les smart city

Smart City : introduction

The smart city integrates IoT technologies to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants through optimized resource management and the efficiency of urban services, with a view to sustainable development and environmental transition.

When we talk about Smart City, we’re talking about the intelligent use of data and technologies to solve complex urban problems and promote sustainable urban development. This is particularly true of street lighting and waste management.

Find out how Hâpy Services can effectively support the integration of IoT solutions for intelligent street lighting and waste management.

Smart City requirements

With Hâpy Services, operators of smart city solutions have access to an outsourced IoT connectivity solution, enabling them to help local authorities meet the challenges of street lighting, measuring waste levels and improving waste collection.

The all-in-one solution

The benefits of HâpyCO

Infrastructure cybersecurity provided by Private Fixed IP and maintenance in operational condition MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) with continuous infra monitoring

Simple Plug & Forget implementation, all-in-one and ready to use

Preconfigure routers according to customer needs and requirements

HâpyCO Managed Service for your business

Plug and, Forget !

HâpyCO is the all-inclusive, outsourced IoT connectivity service that enables professional IoT players to delegate the operational maintenance of their infrastructure, so they can concentrate on their core business: developing and deploying their services.

Take control of your IoT infrastructure with HâpyCO

Tailored-made solution based on
your operational needs

High-performance IoT

VPN et IP fixe privée

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